Has this ever happened to you? 

I "just" bent over and...

I "just" reached u​p and...

I "just" moved...

Do you "LIVE" with Daily Pain and Tension. 

Have you thought, "This pain is just my new "normal" and I need to "deal with it"? I am just getting old..."


You're not broken, you're programmed.

Studies have shown that over 80% of pain complaints presented at clinics are likely to be caused by myofascial trigger points rather than actual tissue damage. Unfortunately, most practitioners tend to interpret pain as a symptom of an injury, leading to ineffective, side-effect-laden treatment approaches like drugs, steroid injections and surgery. 




  • Reduce and Resolve Pain
  • Decrease muscle Tension
  • Increase Range of Motion/Mobility
  • Prevent Injury
  • Optimize Athletic Performance
  • Increase Recovery and Down Regulate

"I have tried massage and yoga before and while it felt nice I didn't get the results I'd hoped for. How is this different?"


Let's back up. You didn't "really" just wake up and... or bend over and... 

Your brain is a super computer constantly being bombarded with environmental feedback and raw data. This data can come from emotional and mental stress as well as from physical. Your brain decides how to respond and interpret that data., setting parameters for what it deems to be "safe". This response can be with the shortening of muscle fibers, feelings of pain and numbness. 

Over time your body has made adjustments in an attempt to maintain balance, conserve energy and protect itself from the prospect of harm. From a physical standpoint adaptations to your muscles may not be the most functional, often resulting in a forced shortening of the overstretched weak muscles like the mid/upper back. Energy use, nutrient flow and waste removal is reduced in these muscles from prolonged contraction leading to local toxicity, irritation and pain.

We Spend the majority of our time sitting.

  • Sitting at your desk shortens your hip flexors putting the pelvis off balance.
  • Encourages poor posture by tightening the front body and the over-stretching/weakening of muscles in the back body.
  • Lack of elbow support leaves the elbows floating which cause your shoulder elevators to shorten and splint to conserver energy and reduce fatigue. 
  • Every 1 degree your head leans forward adds 10 pounds that your back muscles have to try and counterbalance in their weakened state.

This learned posture doesn't just go away when you stand up. When you go to do your other non-sitting activities with your misaligned programming, those activities will also be originating from a place of unconscious imbalance and misleading pain alarms.

This is why you may have not had the success you were hoping to achieve in previous attempts to reduce pain and increase mobility or even saw the opposite.

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So how are we different?

Yoga, massage and other activities are great for maintaining health. However the best massage or yoga class will be for naught if you sleep poorly then wake up and sit at a desk in Hunchbackasana for 8+ hrs. a day. 

That means, to fix the pain and stiffness that come from too much sitting, we need to restore your tissues and joints. At The Root, our focus is the restoration of normal, pain-free movement. With our adapted functional approach to Thai Bodywork and Yoga we achieve muscular effects, to provide a conscious experience of normal movement. 

Mobility Programming and Life Practice Support are included to give you the tools to maintain a Nutritious Movement Dense life of longevity off the Mat. You will learn to recognize and take action to reprogram your mind body connection and supplement with nutritious movement.  Your brain also needs to be desensitized, you need to defragment and remove old false signals that it has stored and reprogram your body that movement is safe. We support your journey with accountability and a group community to assist you on your path to health.

How this ads up.

  • Reprogramming your mind and body that you're not injured and its ok to let go of its compensatory splinting patterns (perceived as stiffness/lack of ROM) that were the body's attempt to stabilize painful and unstable areas. Will allow you to move back into realignment.
  • Improved alignment decreases pain and improves performance. Shortened muscles are weak muscles.
  • Releasing the taught fibers in the muscle can cause a measurable improvement in strength as you will have access to more muscle fibers than were available to you before. 
  • Since your brain is not constantly responding to false signals. This allows the Fight or Flight response to downregulate. Decreasing stress on the body and mind.

Our goal is not to replace or invalidate the energetic aspect of healing - we retain the energetic and intuitive components, and add clinical knowledge as an additional layer. You'll be surprised how quickly we can work together to make measurable improvements and get you feeling better. You will not only leave relaxed and revitalized but empowered to make the changes to break the cycle of pain.

Go beyond personal care massage with Cannabis Infused Functional Thai bodywork and Yoga. 

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