Decrease Muscle Tension

Many people suffer with Muscle Tension. Muscle tension is a condition that causes anxiety and stress on your muscles making it very painful. With some cases, it could affect your posture, cause arthritis or spinal injuries.

Massage therapy can help with muscle tension by reducing pressure applied on joints and reduces spasms. Massage therapy could possibly be the best remedy while confronting muscular tension.

Your massage therapist will work with you on which massage would best suite your needs. The best type of massage for relieving muscle tension is preferred to be deep tissue or Swedish. Your therapist may also work with you on breathing exercises to help reduce the stress and tension. At The Root of Wellness, we can understand and relate to tension building up in your neck and back. Once your neck or back begins to ache the muscles in your neck and back become very tense.

When you start to hunch forward, your spine becomes out of alignment. When you slouch, you’re ruining your posture; your muscles have to work harder, and can apply pressure internal organs. Massage can help with tense muscle by relaxing and loosening the muscles in your neck, lower and upper back through massage.

Massage therapy decreases muscle tension by: