Have you ever wanted to begin a yoga practice but didn't have time to commit to a studio and their schedule?

Are you curious about yoga and its benefits?

Do you want to try Yoga but with recent safety precautions are unable to attend in person studio classes?

Then you have arrived at a great place!

The Root of Wellness offers a variety of Yoga classes through online platforms when you want and need them. Whether you decide to practice by following along with our free online sequences through our YouTube Channel, or participating in our donation based FB Live or IG Live classes, follow on our podcast the choice is yours.

Each class can be catered to your desired benefit through community requests or choose from our already curated workshops to benefit mind, body and spirit. TROW offers different holistic approaches to healing, aligning with the basic principles of yoga including guided meditations, cannabis pairing, and mindful breathing.

Through a series of Asanas (poses) you can improve your alignment, flexibility and circulation combined with a meditative state of mind. Experience the amazing feeling you get with this rigorous but gentle combination of exercise and meditation.


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Feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] to begin your journey now! 

Class style is well suited for newer yogis, as you will have enough time to get into the postures and find your way!

Energy level: Vibe and Chill

Difficulty: As easy or demanding as you make it

Pace: Slow