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The power of the pause to check in with yourself is a powerful tool. Your brain is always listening to your breath for feedback on your status, you should listen too!! Learn to listen to the language of your body and use your breath as a compass to develop a simple routine that honors your body and your schedule so you can listen to your heart and live a sustainably active, inspired life. Here you'll find tools for creating a space for healing and self-care, to visualize your empowered self, recognizing and manifesting your goals.

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Your brain gauges your current state by your breath, if you're breathing is fast/short/held your brain is on alert ready to go into fight our flight. But most of us are disconnected from our breath. With poor posture and breathing habits we often use small muscles in our neck to lift our ribcage. Leading to neck and jaw pain, difficulty breathing, being trapped in a stress response.

Are you Shallow Breathing? Take the Guided Breath Assessment

Are you breathing correctly? Check out this guided breath assessment from coach Zach..

When we breathe shallow, into our chest and not our belly, we never get the air deep into our lungs where it needs to go. This also allows us to exhale old dead air that sits in the bottom of our lungs. Give this some serious thought, breathe deeper and use your NOSE intentionally for your air!

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The Power of Breathing

The Power of Breathing:

Do you struggle with breathing deeply? Here are some simple stretches that will help open up your lungs allowing you to breathe better.

Perform these stretches regularly so you can breathe easy!

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How to Treat, Massage, Stretch & Strengthen Your Diaphragm Muscle (breathing muscle)

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Improve Your Energy

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Fall Asleep FASTER

Breathing techniques to help you fall asleep faster. Many people suffer from insomnia or struggle falling asleep to some degree. You can do breathing exercises to help you sleep like a baby bear hibernating in winter! Better sleep helps boost your immune system, elevate mood, improve performance in the gym, stave off disease, control blood sugar, help with healthy weight management and much more!

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Breathing Methods for Optimal Performance

Breathing is the most essential thing to living and yet most of us take this automatic function of our brain and lungs for granted. The way you breathe impacts performance in the gym greatly. Let oxygen propel your training to new heights. Take notes as coach Zach brilliantly shares a plethora of breathing techniques to help you have more gains in the gym!

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