Are looking for some relaxation in Ferndale, MI? Well you came to the right place! The Ferndale Root of Wellness is all about relaxation. Relaxation is our primary goal when giving massages to our clients. Sometimes you find yourself overdue for a total body relaxation session. During a hectic work week sometimes Friday can’t come soon enough. The amount of stress and anxiety that is builds up throughout the week is sometimes unbearable. This is where your Ferndale Root of Wellness comes in! Let us help you relieve some of your work week stresses with a relaxing luxurious massage!

As we all know the stress throughout your life tends to build up and compound. With this compounding stress there are negative side effects that usually accompany it. In fact, for some people, cortisol which is the main hormone the body releases when under stress, has been shown to be the primary contributor to increased weight gain, elevated blood pressure, blood sugar imbalances, difficulty sleeping, and even a decreased immune system. Thankfully, the body has a stress response that is in-born relaxation response that can be stimulated under the right conditions like massage therapy! The effects of massage therapy have been shown to last long after the therapy session has concluded; days or even weeks!

When Massage therapy induces relaxation throughout the body’s tissues it has been known to cause positive psychological effects. As the levels of stress and anxiety hormones are decreased the body in return will begin the relaxation response. Alertness increases and anxiety decreases. All of these changes will lead to quicker healing time from injury or stress and will even bring an overall healthier well-being you! To start your journey to a total relaxation, contact The Root of Wellness in Ferndale, MI to schedule your individualized massage today! Call us at: 248-882-6660 or Click here to Book Online