Yoga is the art of stretching and breath control. Through a series of Asanas (poses) you can improve your alignment, flexibility and circulation combined with a meditative state of mind. Experience the amazing feeling you get with this rigorous but gentle combination of exercise and meditation.


Get Blissed and Twist!

In-person or online private CSV Yoga®-Inspired Alignment Based Vinyasa Flow or YogaShred classes designed especially for you, to meet your unique needs. Together, we will explore the best path to health and balance in order to build alignment with the natural world. Mindful of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, The Root will assist you in finding the most beneficial yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices that you can incorporate into your life plan.

Our private sessions are perfect for yogis of all levels, especially those seeking support with a specific injury or condition and those looking to enhance their practice with cannabis.

75 MIN - $80

*The Root may utilize cannabis consumption before class to settle the mind so one can tune into the body. Cannabis is not provided. Consumption is not required.

*Students should consume a strain that they are comfortable with the affects of, or find a CBD dominant strain so you are not super high on your mat and disoriented.

*Wear comfortable clothing.


CROSS FADE FLOWCore Strength Vinyasa Yoga® -Inspired 

An anatomy-enhanced dynamic practice which focuses on accessing and activating the core during yoga poses. Which will help you learn to move safer and stronger from the empowered core body.

In CSV Yoga® classes, specific poses and sequences are designed to help students access and understand their core which improves alignment and stability as well as connecting the mind and body. With a strong core you improve almost every yoga pose and the whole practice of yoga becomes much easier and safer. On a spiritual level, when the core is strong, the ups and dow​ns of life are much easier to navigate too.

The class incorporates meditation and breath work, gentle stretching, an active vinyasa flow, and restorative poses to truly dive deeper into the cannabis infused yoga class.

The vinyasa flow will be medium paced allowing students to free flow and move their bodies as they see fit. We will flow through a sequence and drop into restorative poses to rest.

The practice will be both mentally and physically challenging, but should still be upbeat, fun and enjoyable for all levels of practice. 


A superpowered blend of stronger cardio-based HIIT and safer yoga alignment to create a Toning and Strengthening class utilizing Kettlebells, Resistance Bands and Bodyweight.

The Yoga Shred® is a new & improved way to approach HIIT: joint-safer, spine-safer, more anatomy knowledge, mindful alignment and breathing—and it’s even more effective than regular HIIT movement!

Since yoga is done more slowly. It activates slow-twitch muscle fibers, which give students longer holding power and endurance-based strength. It helps practitioners gain balance, and holistic flexibility in muscles and joints. Yoga can be detoxifying due to inversions, whole body movements and longer exhales. It teaches people mindful living techniques too, so they can more easily center, ground, and slow down when life becomes chaotic.

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is done at a more fierce pace. It activates moderate and fast-twitch muscle fibers, which yoga alone doesn’t do. HIIT is what defines, tightens, lifts and sculpts your muscles. If you want to get awesome results from your classes HIIT moves are the fastest and best way to do it. HIIT gets the heart rate up higher than yoga can, in specific ways to optimize cardio, or how you intake and process oxygen. It also can raise the metabolism up to 15% and burn calories and fat for 48 straight hours!


Combines the benefits of restorative yin yoga with hands-on massage and mindfulness for the ultimate self-care and relaxation experience. The class incorporates meditation and breath work, gentle stretch​ing, and restorative poses to truly dive deeper into the cannabis infused yoga class. We create sacred, transformational experiences in safe and supported settings in alignment with your specific needs.

- Includes hands-on massage from a licensed massage therapist.

- Guided self-massage with the use of yoga massage balls.

- Hands-on adjustments

- Reflexology

Group - 90 MIN; $50 per student

Private 90 MIN - $105

Couple 90 MIN - $200

*Workshop Class size is limited to 5 students, so Riana can give attention to each student.

*Class is suitable for all levels and ages 21+.

What is Cannabis Yoga?

What is Cannabis Yoga?

Hello I am Riana the Cross Faded Yogi, I am a mobile cannabis wellness studio focused on education and building a global community. With a non-judgmental approach to plant medicine and spiritual practice, I offer an inviting space for elevated people to awaken their senses.

My hopes are to do my part in de-stigmatizing cannabis users and showcase the truly educated and conscious beings who are today’s “stoners.” Educating others on the benefits of using the medicinal factor of cannabis and ways to use the plant as an aid in reaching a higher consciousness are all goals of The Root.

Cross Fade Yoga is an outlet for people to consume cannabis in a responsible manner in order to seek their inner light through the mind, body, and spiritual practice of yoga. Helping you build a lifestyle of mindfulness for your environment and your own personal health and expressing yourself in a unique, chic manner wherever you might be.

Consuming cannabis before a yoga class allows you to become more present on the mat and hone in on the mind-body connection a little easier. I have always found it difficult to slow the mind down during seated meditation and even during a vinyasa flow, but with cannabis I am able to control the mind and focus on my body and what it is asking of me and telling me.

The Root will take practitioners through a guided flow asking them to tune into their bodies to learn more about what the body and mind needs from them. Once we are able to satisfy our physical needs (i.e. tension in the body) we can begin to release tension and chatter in the mind to connect to our higher self – the spirit.

Connecting the mind, body, and spirit is the highest objective of yoga and something we should all work toward every time we are on our mats.

Bhakti Yoga which is the practice of union through love and devotion. At The Root we practice Bhakti through dance and free form movement. Whether that be through freely flowing on your mat, incorporating your own movement and stretches, or through literal dancing and chanting -you can practice Bhakti.

During class I will offer up the opportunity to express yourself freely on your mat as a form of self expression and letting go. There is something very freeing about letting go of your inhibitions and just dancing! I’ve found that cannabis gives me a little more courage to practice Bhatki on my mat.

My belief is this class will provide students with the guidance they need to tune into their bodies, to heal from within, using both yoga and cannabis, as well as, connect the mind and body for a deeper physical, and spiritual connection.